Delhi Village started as an idea among six households of friends, and is now well on the way to its vision to grow into a fully fledged small community. We’d like to encourage a variety of ages and types of people. About the current members:

  • Two helped build and sail a boat to Australia and New Guinea
  • Two lived in a remote Ohu community for 15 years
  • One has traveled the world, collects china and does fly fishing
  • Two spent several years running a boarding house
  • One bakes bread weekly for Whanganui’s riverside market, another grows and sells walnuts there
  • Occupations include a lawyer, a photographer, a baker, a reporter, a teacher, a behaviour specialist, two nurses, an astronomer, a mum artist and teacher, a landscaper/carpenter, and a mediator.

Seven of the people involved have had previous experience with group living arrangements. We think our expectations of this new venture are realistic. None of us want to cut ourselves off from our other friends, jobs and activities in Whanganui and further afield.