Delhi Village is up a small rise at 66 Delhi Avenue in Whanganui.

Delhi Ave is a cul-de-sac that runs off Somme Parade, the main road running along the western side of the Whanganui River. The land is about 700m down Delhi Avenue – almost at the end.

A bus service to town runs along Somme Parade and there are stops near the Delhi Ave intersection.

A primary school and playcentre are a 10 minute walk away.

The village may have its own small swimming pool. If it doesn’t, river swimming is only a twenty minute walk away.

The Property

The land is part of a former dairy farm. It includes one existing house, one new house, two relocated dwellings, several farm buildings, fences, tracks and a driveway. Most of the farm buildings will be removed or renovated. There is a large woolshed which is being used as a meeting space and dry storage for materials and produce.

A bore provides stock water and will be available to households if they need more water than the rain off their roof can provide.

The land fronts Delhi Avenue for about 130m at the level of the present river terrace. A sealed driveway heads uphill to a higher terrace and the land extends in a gentle fan shape to the north, ending with a steep slope along the north boundary. When there’s a lot of rain small water courses flow across the middle terrace through gullies and into to a small stream that runs west to east along the lower terrace.

View up the hill

Soils are a clay loam that holds nutrients well but can be soggy in winter. There’s no remnant native vegetation but a few introduced shelter and ornamental trees scatter the landscape. A group of large pine trees stand out at the top of the northern face and can be seen from many parts of Aramoho and central Whanganui.

We have begun planting fuel, native, fruit and nut trees around the property.