Lot #10

We have  subdivided the property to make 10 house sections with an average size of 780m2 (approx 1/5 acre). Each of them has an equal share in the rest of the land. Let us know if you want to see the scheme plan for the subdivision.

Each partner has legal title to their section (and their share of the rest of the land). The company will manage the shared areas, much like the body corporate in many apartment complexes.

Individuals or groups have put in orchards, and planted trees for firewood and food. We also expect to graze animals and raise chickens on the common land.

Buying and selling sections

Sections can be bought and sold in the same way as anywhere else, except that a new owner, or owners, must be approved by all other owners. Each section owner will also be technically a “director” of the management company, which is called DD Land. If there are two or more owners then they will need to select one person to be a director. Presumably that person will always take the views of the rest of the household into account when making decisions!

In our meetings each individual’s opinion gets equal weight. From a legal/company point of view the directors are responsible for everything owned in common.