The site plan for Delhi Village

site_planThere are 9 small to medium house sections in the middle terrace area. One of the 9 sites contains the existing four-bedroom house.

No 10 is on the lower terrace as you enter the property.

We want the place to be environmentally sustainable and also beautiful.

Houses, sheds and intensive gardens will probably be concentrated in the central housing area. Among the house lots shared gardens and recreational spaces are emerging. Gravel drives for vehicles and a network of walking paths are being developed. The rest of the land will be used to grow food, store carbon, or anything else agreed to by the owners. It gets so wet in winter that heavy animals like horses or cattle are unlikely to be allowed.

All sections have underground connection to a greywater disposal field, power, ultrafast fibre (for internet and phone) and bore water.

Land use

lanscape_planAt the moment a local shepherd is using some of the land for grazing. But members have ambitious plans to make it more complex, productive and diverse.

The steep northern faces are being re-vegetated in native species bit by bit, to keep pace with our energy levels and to keep weeds and wild grazers under control.

We are also doing some forestry and shelter plantings, cropping, orchards, and retiring and re-vegetating steep gully sides. Later we will put in ponds and wetlands, and create other wildlife habitats. This is the part some of us are looking forward to the most.

The woolshed