Houses and trees

Posted by Laurel at 9:03 pm

Spring has come early, and building plans are forming or under way.
Hadi has applied for consent to move two buildings up the driveway, place them on piles, connect them up and turn them into a house.
Bruce has spotted a house he likes the look of for removal, and is puzzling about how to arrange it on his section. 66I Delhi Ave – his section – is
currently covered in piles of wood for Richard and Laurel’s house. It has a
garage built so far, and the front portion of its concrete slab floor. The
builders are now researching exactly how to build the rammed earth wall that runs through the house.
Luckily for them it has been a warm and dryish winter, so that the soil they will need for the wall is not too wet.
The sections of Hadi and Miranda and John are now fenced off from sheep, along with a corner of Myles and Melissa’s section, which has been planted up.
Manuka, kanuka and a few natives have been planted on the hillside, and
there are eucalypts still to come. Unfortunately wild fallow deer are pretty hard on any palatable trees up there.
Most people have planted a least two walnut trees on the Finger Ridge, and they need massive guards around them to protect from sheep and deer browse.
Some riparian planting by the stream on Pukeko Flat has also started.