Ditches, dirt and a swimming pool

Posted by Laurel at 8:52 pm

Quite a few of us were up at the village-to-be this afternoon, and what a lot of changes! There was a trench across Elm Ridge, a start to the greywater area and all that remains of the concrete of the woolshed and implement shed is two piles of concrete rubble.
We discussed whether we want a swimming pool on site, and if so where it should go. The existing pool is to be moved, and if it moves without being broken we may put it somewhere else.
It’s way more open with those two buildings gone. The crescent of house sites is laid bare ready for building, and looks very inviting. The woolshed gets a whole new crop of possibilities now that it is closer to the ground.
Meanwhile there is also muck and confusion, and broken pipes.
It’s an exciting stage all right.