Rhode island red chickens!

Posted by John at 8:43 am

Rhode-Island Red ChickensJohn and Miranda have recently acquired some Rhode-Island red chickens.

These are big, hardy birds that are to battery hens what a leopard is to a house cat.

They are part of a group of animals that have become less and less common under factory farming, often called heritage breeds.

Our ancestors developed a wide variety of livestock animals. Often these breeds are the results of hundreds of generations of selection. They provide valuable genetic diversity, preventing what’s know as inbreeding depression, one of the problems with homogeneous battery hen populations. Though slower growing, they are usually more hardy and desease resistant, and toerat a wider variety of conditions.

This is what has made rhode island reds such a popular choice for small back yard flocks.

Ours are still too young to lay, but we’re looking forward to the day we can pick up our own breakfast from the coop!